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You will find our current wine selection and our other drinks here.

All prices in are in CHF and include VAT. Subject to change.

Do you have allergies? Our chef would be happy to provide you with information about the ingredients in the food or cook something special for you from the menu. Contact us early.


Smoked specialties: Fuster Rauchspezialitäten GmbH, Gyrenbad ob Turbenthal

Beef, veal, chicken, and pork: Switzerland

Bread and rolls: Ehriker Beck, Turbenthal, and Romers Hausbäckerei, Benken

Cheese: Zurich mountain region

Vegetables and fruits: caviezel giovanettoni ag, Arbon

Eggs: Eiertom, Oberlangenhard

Fish and game: G. Bianchi AG, Zufikon

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